Who is the program good for?

Our innovative positive parenting program can help dramatically improve angry and aggressive child behaviors in kids of all ages, but especially ages 2-12. Please check us out our YouTube video to learn more about it!

It is designed to address defiance, fighting and arguing, excessive rough play and tough bedtime or morning routines, defiance and meltdowns.  It will help you avoid ongoing struggle with your child’s aggression or anger. It is a simple way to get your child to behave better — without punishment, yelling, timeouts, and school conferences, with an investment of just a little time every week to gain a happier child and a more peaceful happy family.

This program is NOT designed to be a treatment for any diagnosed condition, or a substitute for therapy.




Our EVERYDAY PARENTING SOLUTIONS PROGRAM: Reducing Child’s Angry and Aggressive Behavior is designed to give concerned, busy parents like you a better way. It’s:

* Handy: Access it on any device.

* Easy: Just follow our simple, guided steps, for as little as 15 minutes a day.

* Immediate: You’ll see results within just a few sessions.

* Supportive: We show you what to say, what to do, and how to do it.

* Realistic. Created by parents and behavior specialists who have lived this issue, personally and professionally, with their own kids and hundreds of others.

* Smart. Built on the best, current thinking in behavioral science.





This is a new and innovative program that we are now launching (hence the low introductory price).  We have worked with behavior specialists and over 50 experienced moms on its creation, and parents who have tried the program found it extremely helpful:

*80% of parents using the program reported a decrease in child’s aggressive behaviors after just 4 weeks

**100% of parents using the program reported an improvement on how they respond to their child’s angry or aggressive behaviors


What are moms saying about your program?         

“Our family is benefitting so greatly from this program.  My daughter and I live with my parents while I am returning college to become a middle school science teacher.  My daughter, who is seven, is learning by leaps and bounds, and your program is proving to be a great asset in teaching her proper and acceptable behavior.   Our family is united on working together to use this program.  We move more slowly than some families might, but I cannot deny its effectiveness.  Thank you so very much for the intentional thought put into this program.  I cannot express my gratitude enough – and this is coming from a single mother who has read countless parenting and behavioral books!  Your program gets right to the root of the issue, and my favorite part is that you give us real dialogue to help us communicate better with our children.  It’s brilliant and I cannot get enough!”

Shannon S, Mom of 1

“I found a way to cool down before addressing my son’s behavior. I learned to communicate with him, and most of all, found a way to avoid screaming and yelling, which do not work in the first place. Can’t wait to read more of the weekly tips!!”

Marina S, mom of 3

“It’s a great parenting program that gives you lots of important points on how to deal with tantrums and aggressive behavior in kids. I’ve used most of the points in the program and I saw significant changes in my son’s behavior.”

Yana K, mom of 3

“In this program I’ve learned that calmly explaining and talking things through result in better results than screaming.  I’ve also learned how to use positive reinforcements and specific praise.”

Angela M, mom of 2

“I like that the program centered on my actions. Modeling good behavior is the best way to teach children good behavior.”

Nina C, mom of 2





EVERYDAY PARENTING guides you through 12 simple and practical steps to better behavior that you can access through any device (anywhere, any time).

* Each session builds on the next, giving you the tools you need to help your child reduce or eliminate angry, aggressive behaviors.

* Spend as long as you need to on each session. As little as 15 minutes a day shows you the basics.  Or dive into our extensive support tools for extra practice until these ideas become second nature.

* After just a few sessions, you should begin to notice changes. After all 12 sessions, you’ll marvel at what a difference you see in your child’s behavior and your relationship.





We believe changing behavior means changing what happens before, during, and after your kid’s outburst, tantrum or meltdown. Our parenting program shows you:

  • The 4-step better way to react to a child’s tantrum, defiance, anger and aggression
  • A successful bedtime routine that eliminates power struggles and unruly behaviors
  • An innovative time-out technique to foster better child discipline
  • How to master empathetic listening
  • How to identify and remove your child’s triggers
  • Better outlets for your child’s anger, aggression and tantrums
  • “Treats” that put you in the right frame of mind for better behavior
  • How to teach your child to identify and talk about his feelings
  • Age-appropriate conflict resolution skills you can teach your child
  • How to establish a positive working relationship with your child’s teacher
  • Effective ways to reinforce your child’s positive behaviors
  • Positive ways to connect with your child — even when you’re mad as heck!





3 simple things, which take just 15 minutes a day, can help reduce  aggressive behaviors, tantrums, fighting and outbursts in as little as 4 weeks:

  1. Do the 2-3 simple activities we recommend with your child each week.  We tell you in easy terms what to do, what not to do and how to respond to your child so his behavior changes.
  2. Take advantage of our tips, tools and support to help you.  Practice makes perfect.  You will see the results and you will enjoy a more peaceful time with your kids.
  3. Take some time for yourself to bond, enjoy your kids or relax – it’s a part of the program and it really helps!  (You deserve it – but don’t do it for that!  Do it because it’s a part of the program)

And that’s all.  We have 12 sessions worth of activities to help you, but you should be seeing positive results in as little as 4 weeks and better as you go along.  Take as long as you need – no pressure and no hurry – you can save the most useful activities to your ToolBox, creating a personal tip list that works – quick and easy to review anytime.  Learn these simple techniques and incorporate them into your life.  It will become second nature and your family and your kids will be happier and more productive.  We are with you every step of the way.





Let’s face it, the world is full of help for parenting advice on kids’ anger and aggression. But who has time to read, understand, and implement it all?

We know you’re busy and stressed. We know it’s hard enough to sort through a million generic parenting books, videos, blogs, and websites to figure out what works in your family — let alone know where to start and how to track your progress.

It shouldn’t have to be this way!

That’s why we’ve designed a program that features bite-sized, real-world steps that you can tailor to your own life.

It’s not based on a single school of thought — we’ve harvested the best ideas and put them together.  Based on real life experiences of our founders with their own kids, grandkids and patients, the program was developed by parenting experts and a team of over 50 experienced mom advisors.  This combined approach is realistic, easy, and successful.



WHY DOES IT WORK? (The Science Behind Our Program) 

WHY DOES IT WORK? (The Science Behind Our Program)

You won’t find lots of theory and jargon in this program. We’ve made that invisible, so that all you see is the practical, just-show-me-what-to-do stuff.  Behind these simple steps, though, lies a very solid, extensive base of proven scientific knowledge.

While most other parenting education is tied to a specific school of thought, our years of practical parenting experiences tell us that using one theory or approach is not the most effective way to address specific behavioral challenges.  There are many theories, they overlap, and some are more effective with some challenges than others.

Based on our work with hundreds of children and parents, we selected the most appropriate positive, proactive and nurturing elements from four proven and complementary scientific approaches that work the best in specific practical situations.  Then, we adapted them for everyday life, and laid them out in simple steps for you to follow.

  • Proactive parenting.  This approach is effective at helping parents to stop reacting and start responding, setting simple, clear and sensible limits and remaining firm, consistent and positive, following through with the rules without getting into power struggles.
  • Nurturing parenting.  Elements from this approach are essential in encouraging children to explore and experiment, appreciating safety and mutual respect.
  • Attachment parenting.  Techniques in this approach are helpful for providing the child with the notion that the world is an interesting and safe place as well as presenting the child with unconditional love and acceptance, teaching proper social interactions and communications.
  • Behavioral parenting.  This approach is aimed at promoting independence and improving child’s functioning at home and at school, structuring child’s environment to maximize attention and concentration, promoting positive behaviors and minimizing problem behaviors.


Theories Behind the Models:

There are also several broad scientific theories in psychology that underpin the models we use:

  • Social learning theory places a great emphasis on proper use of positive reinforcement, building child’s ability to seek approval and positive reinforcement and learn to make socially sound choices.
  • Attachment theory focuses on child’s need to develop strong and consistent relationship with at least one permanent caregiver, so nurture and experience allow the child emotional development and enhances child’s ability to regulate his emotions.
  • Erikson’s psychosocial theory provides details for challenges during every developmental stage and puts emphasis on potential positive outcomes arising from each crisis stage.

To supplement these approaches with effective real-life methods, we also used techniques from parent–child interactive therapy and play therapy.

These techniques help us deal with the modern challenges like stress, unceasing multitasking, one-parent families, and struggles to keep up with the demands or parenting.  This program is designed to help you eliminate power struggles between children and parents which consume enormous amount of time and energy.  By learning how to eliminate power struggles we learn how to cooperate and set clear firm limits.  We empower children to accept limits without frustration or rebellion.

The theory behind this program combines the best science has to offer to help you raise more confident, balanced and positive kids using nurturing, proactive and positive methods.





EverydayParenting was created by two experts in the field of parenting, with input from dozens of other specialists and moms.

Program Authors:

Madlena Rozenblyum, LCSW. A licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience helping families and children on a full range of behavioral and mental concerns.  She is also a published author, speaker and a passionate believer in the power of positive parenting to improve child behavior and create happier families.  She also draws on her life experience as a grandmother.

After many years working for a number of respected mental health organizations and child services agencies, Madlena currently has a private practice in New York. She specializes in family and parenting issues, working closely with families on enhancing effective parenting approaches and empowering parents and children to successfully acquire problem solving skills.  Madlena also provides play therapy for young children focusing on decreasing anxiety and fears, improving attention span and concentration, eliminating physically aggressive behaviors and temper tantrums, helping children to make friends and overcome bullying.  Madlena works with families helping them to talk with their children about difficult topics such as: sibling rivalry, anger, illness, death, drugs, sex, self-image, and self-confidence.

Madlena is a published author of two books and several articles on practical parenting.  She is also a frequent speaker, having created a series of popular Lectures/Seminars/Workshops on different parenting topics for professionals at multiple local clinics and professional organizations as well as for parents at various regional community centers.

Madlena holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Wurzweiler School of Social Work, New York.

Julia Berger is a founder of EverydayParenting.com.  Julia is an entrepreneur and a mom of two awesome kids (ages 11 and 16). Her son struggled with various behavior difficulties since he was 2 years old.  Julia has gone through dozens of books, combed through hundreds of articles and websites, as well as worked with developmental and behavioral experts, including Madlena.  After these extensive, time-consuming efforts she implemented the right practical solutions to help her son become a well-adjusted boy and a successful student.

Having spent so much time and effort on discovering and implementing these successful techniques, Julia wanted to make it much easier for other parents to help address behavior challenges. So she teamed up with the same experts that helped her son to create this program and make it accessible and easy for other parents to use.

Prior to starting EveydayParenting.com, Julia had co-founded and, for over 10 years, managed a child services agency that employed hundreds of licensed and certified therapists, teaches and behavioral experts to help kids with various developmental delays, disabilities, as well as behavioral issues. Prior to that, Julia managed an educational software distribution company and worked for major healthcare communication agencies in NY City.

Julia is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and has completed several graduate courses including positive psychology and child psychology. Julia has also completed multiple continuing education courses in healthcare, child development, education and management. Julia holds a degree in Business and Psychology from Baruch College, City University of New York.

Program collaborators:

-          Our advisory team of over 50 moms that worked with us over the last 10 months to help develop every element of this program. They, and their wonderful kids, have been instrumental in making this program the most useful and easy to implement. Comprised of first-time and experienced moms; from a mom of a toddler to a mom of 3 rambunctious boys; from stay-at-home moms to fill-time nurses, teachers and pharmacists, these moms generously shared their experience and time to make this program better for you.

-          Paula Spencer Scott has written extensively about family and health; she’s also a mom of four and stepmom of two. She wrote BabyCenter’s “Your Baby/Child This Week” newsletters from birth to age 8 and was the longtime “Momfidence” columnist for Woman’s Day magazine, as well as a contributing editor to Parenting and BabyTalk. Her 11 books include her newest, Surviving Alzheimer’s, Momfidence, and the collaborations The Happiest Toddler on the Block (with Dr. Harvey Karp) and Bright From the Start (with Dr. Jill Stamm).

-          Margarita Shakhmurov, LCSW.  A licensed psychotherapist, an experienced family counselor and health services administrator, as well as a mother and a grandmother. Margarita has over 20 years of experience in family counseling, behavioral therapy and teaching.

-          Lee Shapiro, MsEd.  An experienced special education teacher and a retired school principal as well as a dedicated grandmother, Lee has over 30 years of experience working with young kids with behavioral issues and development delays, teaching and school administration.






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What does this include? 

What does this include?

As a full member you will gain:

-          Access to all 12 sessions (one per week) each containing 2-3 simple activities we recommend you do with your child each week, expert parenting tips and tools, as well as relaxation and bonding activities for you and your kid.

-          Exclusive access to personal e-mail consultations with our child behavior experts!



How do I get more advice and tips? 

How do I get more advice and tips?

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What is your refund policy? 

What is your refund policy?

How do I contact you? 

How do I contact you?

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