New Parents First Few Months – The first few months are joy and torture at the same time

On one hand you’re in awe with your baby. You can’t believe that this adorable, mostly good smelling baby is yours. You keep counting and re-counting all the fingers and toes. You can’t wait for the baby to wake up so you can finally interact.

On the other hand you’re super tired. You can’t believe the amount of diapers this kid goes through in 24 hours! You can’t believe this kid can scream one minute and be calm and happy the next. And sometimes you catch yourself hoping for the baby to finally go to sleep so you can catch up piles and piles of laundry.

New Parents Sleeping Habits – You will miss sleep for a very, very long time

Forget about feeling restful for about 18 years! One thing you won’t be doing much as a parent is sleeping. Everyone knows that the newborn wakes up every few hours, but what parents don’t realize is that once the kid finally learns to sleep through the night, he will wake you up at 5:30 AM (if not earlier) first for a morning feeding, then as a part of his morning routine. On weekdays it will be impossible to wake the kid up to get him off to school on time. On weekends, however, he’ll be wide-awake at 6 AM because he’s just too excited about doing NOTHING. Then, as your kid grows you’ll find a ton of things that will keep you up at night. Yeah, forget restful sleep for a while…

New Parent Worries – You don’t need to baby proof the house the minute your kid’s born

Let’s get real for a minute. Baby stores insist on buying all the baby-proof equipment and installing it right away. But the kid isn’t even rolling over yet! You won’t need it for a while. So ease your anxieties, nothing is going to happen, your kid is perfectly safe under your watchful eye.

New Parent Realities – You will never be able to go to the bathroom by yourself. EVER

Your kid will always follow you there or he’ll find you there. Why should you have any privacy? The minute you find yourself sitting on a toilet you will be immediately bombarded with an emergency or super important information that your kid just remembered and HAS to tell you RIGHT NOW, or just because he just saw a huge bug on the window and freaked out.

If you’d like to read about my personal experience when my girl was born, read In Parenting Nothing Ever Goes As Planned that appeared on

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